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Sharing Simione Sevudredre via Tui Emma Gilles

Sharing this important dialogue about Veiqia. I felt it was important to share this facebook post as many questions are fired my way regarding the sleeping practice of Veiqia. This footage link is from Tui Emma Gilles via Facebook.

Simione Sevudredre with an oral history from Fiji about ancient tattoo or Veiqia. Tattoo in ancient Fiji was a form of spirituality. Young Fijian maidens of old were tattooed to emulate ADI Vilaiwasa, a goddess in ancient Vitian spirituality and also a transitional phase into womanhood. Tattoo was worn not as adornment or decoration but with a history and spirituality to it.

(Simione Sevudredre explained this above and wrote it out. He is an amazing oral knowledge holder)#phaf2019Pacific Heritage Arts Fono 2019 - Tui Emma Gilles

Watch the footage here


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Mage'au : Melanesian Marks