Julia Mage'au Gray


Julia Mageau Gray, has been marking skin since 2013 and transitioned into this art form after many years as dance practitioner, choreographer and director of Sunameke Productions.

It was her role of film maker of the Sunameke Productions three part documentary; Tep Tok : Reading Between Our Lines, and the journey to raise awareness for the dying art form that moved her into a new role of skin marking artist.

She uses the 'Hand Poke' and "Hand Tap" method of making skin and was taught by a number of Pasifika Tattoo Artists namely Tihoti Mataura, Pat Morrow and Croc Tatau.

Julia Mage'au Gray



Elaine Pokarop & Toria Maladina 

Photo: JMG


the process.


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November 29th - Dec 1st, 2019 - Brisbane

Auckland, New Zealand

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